Wellness: See it. Feel it.

Bio-Dash is an innovative wellbeing and optimal performance program that equips individuals, groups, schools and organizations with strategies to reduce anxiety, and enhance focus and wellbeing.

Bio-Dash incorporates six key themes and demonstrates the mind body connection using interactive activities and personalized biodata. It also provides practice opportunities using a number of virtual and real world challenges. The program is versatile to deliver and comprises a series of brief on-line modules, evidence-based strategies, and supplementary activities.

Smart Breathing

Breathing strategically can help us perform at our best, but many of us don’t do this. Individuals will learn about a variety of breathing techniques they can use in situations where they need to manage anxiety, relax, focus or energise.

Flexible Emojis

We all experience a wide range of emotions that can influence the way we think and act. Individuals will learn to develop emotional awareness and flexibility by using music, nature and humor to positively influence how they feel.

Max the Good Stuff

We have a tendency to focus on negative events when positive events are happening. This theme describes the “negativity bias” and provides strategies to help re-focus on the many big and small positive events occurring in our daily lives.

Zoning In

It can be difficult to pay attention and stay focused on the right things at the right time. In this theme, mindfulness and focus strategies are taught to heighten awareness, reduce tension and enhance concentration.

7D Imagery

Mental imagery involves recreating or creating an experience in our mind using all of our senses. Elite performers use imagery to plan for all scenarios and maximize success. This theme focuses on imagery skill development and creating effective imagery scripts.


Self-talk is never ending conversation we have with ourselves about what we’re doing and how we’re going. This theme provides individuals with strategies to challenge this inner self-critic and take steps to become an encouraging and supportive self-coach.

Making learning about wellbeing personalized, engaging and tangible for sustained mental health and wellbeing benefits. Bio-Dash is unique in that it incorporates the latest biofeedback technology.

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Benefits for students

Equipping students with practical wellbeing strategies they can use to manage anxiety resulting from academic, social and performance pressures, can build focus, resilience and wellbeing. Learn more

Benefits for workplace

Practical wellbeing strategies that include personalised feedback and goals can reduce workplace burnout and promote engagement and wellbeing at work. Learn more

Benefits for athletes

Learning skills to manage anxiety, sharpen focus and energise the mind and body can give athletes the edge to perform at their peak. Learn more

Benefits for performers

Acquire evidence-based skills and strategies to help decrease stress, manage nerves, improve focus and performance. Learn more